Setting the standard
in tape application


We didn’t invent tape
or corrugated boxes

– we just introduced them
to each other

Applying tape on corrugated board used to be a time consuming process that wasted time and raw material in equal measures. But in 1986 our engineers reinvented the process, eliminating all the hassles associated with tape production and introducing profitability into this value added process for corrugated boxes.

  • Working closely together with leading tape suppliers, Wellpack has continuously improved the taper over time, strengthening its position and making it the most innovative and efficient taper solution on the market today. Our new generation Wellpack Taper handles all kinds of tape between 4-25 mm in width, including tear tape, double sided tape, and reinforcement tape.

    The new taper solution was patented worldwide and made Wellpack a world leader in tape application on corrugated board, with more than 250 machines sold to date.


Increased efficiency
at the turn of a key

The Wellpack Taper is ingeniously installed between the rotary shear and the slitter/scorer. Application of pressure sensitive tapes at this location gives production the advantage of exact tape positioning throughout the order in relation to the slitter scorer position. To minimize time loss, the machine can be installed and calibrated during a weekend, so tape production can start on the next working day.

  • Thanks to a tandem applicator system, starts and splices are accomplished at full production speed. The applicators are easily positioned manually using digital counters and the correct position is controlled and adjusted by the web guiding system, which starts at speeds up to more than 300 m/min and automatically follows the web movements.

    Short orders, long orders, or back-to-back – the Wellpack Taper can handle any task without tape jams or paper loss.


The Wellpack Taper

– adding value from
day one

The Wellpack Taper’s flexible and modular construction not only makes you money from day one, but also makes it a safe investment for future needs. To be competitive box producers must be able to provide their customers with value added boxes. Wellpack Taper can be modified to fit any corrugator, which means a plant can start with a simple system and upgrade as the business grows. This gives design personnel more freedom to create new ideas and develop the next generation of corrugated boxes to boost future sales.